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A New Dawn AZ | Community Dental Program
A New Dawn AZ offers a Community Dental Program for uninsured and underinsured adults in northern Arizona. We secure funding to remove financial barriers for those seeking dental care and then share that funding with our partner agencies, who provide the care. We are volunteer-run and rely on our partners to improve our community’s collective smile.

Kelsie’s Story

As a mom of four I want to take in and remember every moment with my kids. My poor dental health over the last eight years has gotten in the way of that. I've had abscesses, infections, and crumbling teeth putting me in so much pain. A pain that could be so severe at times that I couldn't move let alone take care of my children. I haven't had access to dental insurance because of the cost along with the cost of out of pocket dental work I was never able to get it fixed.

I would take antibiotics to get rid of the infection for a little until it would of course return. One day I was in so much pain I called timberline dental here in Williams to see how much it would cost to just pull a tooth. Deedee answered my call. Hands down the most understanding and caring person. She set me up with an appointment and with the voucher program they offer. I was able to get two teeth pulled and a cleaning all covered by the voucher. I was ecstatic! Along with that they did x-rays, which showed the extent of the damage done to my mouth over the years without dental Care and three pregnancies that drained me of calcium. I had cavities as far as the eye can see, some that needed root canals some that could just be filled but the cost was daunting.

That moment of relief that I felt was short-lived and pushed aside by the dread of knowing that I couldn't afford to get the rest of the work done. The amazing dentist, Dr Tilts, printed me out a cost sheet and a breakdown of each visit and how much I would have to pay each time. I just couldn't afford it and I felt like I'd come to the end of my newly started dental journey.

Until DeeDee, who works in the dentist's office, told me to look up A New Dawn. As soon as I got home I looked up their website and filled out a contact form as a last resort. I'm not the kind of person to ask for help but in this situation I definitely needed it. I didn't have hopes that they would take me on as a client. I figured there are many more people out there that probably need it more than me and deserve it more. I'm also not a very "lucky" person, I don't win lotteries or give-aways so I assumed this would fall into that category for me. So I filled out the form and laid it all out there. A very short version of my story and pain.

To my surprise I received an email back from Alicia so quickly. I then called her and we had an amazing conversation about my story but also how much we both agree that dental health is just as Important as your overall health. We finished our call and she told me she would be in contact. Maybe a little over a week later I was in Lake Powell with my husband for a work trip. My phone rang and I answered, it was Alicia. I prepared myself for this, I knew that i most likely wouldn't be chosen for such a life changing gift. I was wrong, everything around me disappeared and I froze when she told me that A New Dawn was going to help me.

I burst into tears and thanked her so many times. I still can't believe it. This has changed my life in so many ways. I'm still going through my journey to get my smile back but also get my life back. I've had a root canal done along with some fillings . I have more to do but even now my life is better. I also have got a friend out of this. Alicia and I talk often and I can't wait to work with a New Dawn and spread the word about dental health. I couldn't ask for a better team to work with. Timberline dental has been wonderful and the entire staff is amazing.

I can't put into words how much this opportunity has changed my life for the better, and I can't say thank you enough to A New Dawn, Alicia and The amazing staff of Timberline dental.

- Kelsie Keith

Jay's Story

I am so very pleased to have found A New Dawn AZ , as I have had problems with teeth for years, with recommendations by dentists to have root canals and crowns done on several teeth, all with big price tags that just didn't fit my budget. My insurance would cover almost everything 'medical' but when it comes to teeth, they would cover only some fillings and all extractions.

AS IF teeth were somehow separate from my body, and would not affect the rest of my physical and mental health. Professionals know otherwise, of course. I had to learn the hard way to keep asking questions, even when told NO many times. Even then, I wasn't sure if I would ever get these teeth repaired.

But this last year I have been given referrals through sources (that aren't exactly clear even now) where financial help could be found. I was going to drive to Phoenix for an yearly event where I would camp out and if I got there early enough, could get some work done. But at the last minute I found out they didn't do that work on molars. This is one of many such failures. There may be dentists who do take some insurance, but are very hard to find.

And then there is A New Dawn AZ which recently has helped me greatly with a large part of my expenses on several painful teeth. One crown and part of the cost of a root canal have been paid for by this Great Group! And two more crowns are scheduled, probably to be paid for also. I can't thank ANDAZ enough for their help!

I have to think of all the people suffering daily with pain, and the great worry about how they might Ever be able to pay for help, as I have. There must be many more who Could be helped by this group. And even more so in these pandemic times. People are suffering out there! Please contribute if you can!

- Jay

Amanda Morgan - ANDAZ Testimonial "I'm not afraid to smile anymore. Before I tried so hard not to smile or laugh with my friends, so I wouldn't smile. Now I laugh and I smile and take pictures of my teeth. It's taken me months to figure out how to smile again. It's been such a joyful experience!"

Amanda Morgan

ANDAZ testimonials

ANDAZ Testimonial "Words fail to thank A New Dawn AZ for the dental solution which was insurmountable but was made possible by your caring hands. Every time I was brushing my teeth this particular tooth, which has been treated, was oozing blood, and any time I was going to brush my teeth I was feeling sorry for myself. I am not on insurance coverage hence appreciating what you have done to me. May the good God continue to bless You and I am ready to volunteer with A New Dawn AZ in appreciation of what you have done to me. You are my loving angels. I can smile again, thank You!"

Joseph Amazuwa Chirwa

Joseph Amazuwa Chirwa - ANDAZ testimonial